Service Pricing

PC RESQ prides itself in offering flat-rate-pricing. We have always believed that you should know upfront what you can expect. We offer FREE pick-up and delivery, and most repairs are completed within 48 hours. Our skilled Computer Therapists™ will review your equipment, evaluate your needs and make recommendations in plain language.

If you don't see a service in our on-line price list, please call us and we'll be happy to quote you over the phone.


Hard Drive Upgrade
Duplicate Existing Hard drive to a new hard drive and replace in your current computer. (Price quoted is for labor only, parts are additional) $99.00
Memory Upgrade
Determine Memory Size and Quantity allowed for specific equipment to upgrade. Install and test that all new memory is recognized by computer. (Price quoted is for labor only parts are additional). $99.00
Semi-Offsite Backup
Provide a backup drive and backup software to schedule system backup on a two week rolling policy. Any period within that two week could be recovered. Bi-monthly a backup is transferred offsite. This service requires a 6-month contract and is automatically renewed. Price Listed is per month. $65.00
System Clean/Tune Up
Check for unnecessary startup programs and remove, check for invalid system services, remove any programs that are loading or running that shouldn’t be or are not necessary. Defragment the system hive, remove any invalid entries in the system hive. Scan drive and check for any potential impending errors, and defragment the drive. $99.00
Virus Removal
Check and scan computer to determine type of virus and if removable is possible, attempt removal and clear system of virus, check browsers and system for successful removal. (Price quoted is for labor only, parts are additional) $99.00

We attempt to keep the website updated to our current prices however, prices are subject to change without notice, please contact us at the number above for our current pricing.